Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Spy camera in the baseball cap

This baseball cap hidden camera, which is used worldwide by private investigators, police officers, network news reporters, even a few rock bands we know. Standard undercover camera black cap Houston Astros design with copper-coloured star. If you have a favorite team or the cap that you think will work better than this one please let us know. We will do our utmost to create custom cap to your needs.

Operation is simple. Ultra miniature Plug and Play cables to do so undercover camera is compatible with almost every video recorder or video camera with an auxiliary video inputs. Camera not write for themselves.

Tech notes
One of our largest customers use the cap back, keeping our MPV330 Micro DVR in front of them hidden behind a book or magazine. The goal never knows, they observed. It is the perfect camera for investigation of insurance fraud when the investigator must obtain an absolute proof that insurance fraud is now committed.

  • 6 Ft. micro video cable - additional lengths available by request
  • 420 lines of resolution with standard black and white camera, 380 lines with color
  • 8 AA Battery Pack powers your camera for over 10 hours
  • 0.01 LUX for low light operation with black and white camera, 0.5 with color