Friday, September 14, 2007

Spy your neighbours with MikroKopter (Quadrokopter)

Want to spy your neighbours? Just build MikroKopter.

Abilities of the MikroKopters

  • easily to fly (comparably with coaxial helicopter e.g. 47G)
  • Thrust is sufficient, in order to transport problem-free a camera (see videos)
  • very stable flight behavior
  • Steering wheel often commodity in the source code available (e.g. for own adjustment)
  • The MikroKopter possesses according to standard:
    • Gyroscopes (ENC-03) to stabilization
    • Acceleration sensors (LIS3L02) to the depth control
    • Pieper for signaling of receipt disturbance, undervoltage or as a detection assistance
    • Servo control with inclination compensation for video photographs (starting from V0.60)
    • 2 switching exits e.g. for LED lighting
  • optionally expandable with:
    • Air pressure sensor (MPX4115) for a Höhenregelung/- delimitation
    • electronic compass
    • Government inspection department module (uBlox)
    • wireless radio transmission
    • … (no borders are here put for the fantasy)

source here via makezine