Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Cheap Head-Mounted Display

Jake Hildebrandt's investigate head-mounted display hack. He use a Spy Video Car with Night Vision from previous post.

So it’s 2007: shouldn’t there be more cyborgs? Well, for a mere $25.00 (or
less), you can be one big step closer to being one yourself. How so, you ask?
Click the following link to to find out!
A few months ago, the rather clever
folks at Wild Planet released a nifty (though rather clumsily named) little
“toy” called the “Spy Video Car”. I cannot stress enough how well engineered
this gadget is. For around $100 (much less on eBay), you get:

  • A nicely-styled motorised car base with decent-for-a-toy steering and an
    almost silent powertrain
  • A two-channel R/C set, also of decent-for-a-toy quality
  • A color capable video transmitter/receiver with a few hundred feet of range
  • A miniature B&W CCD video camera (similar to one of these)
  • A very bright 8mm IR LED and, best of all, a…
  • A video headset containing a Kopin 300M B&W LCD screen, optics,
    backlight, and a PAL/NTSC driver board

All guide you can find here